The Ultimate Spinach Smoothie

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  A friend recently told me about a fantastic smoothie recipe that contained spinach as the main ingredient.  Wow…what a clever…and healthy idea!
Smoothie IngredientsI had to get the scoop on this as I’m always looking for something new and healthy for my kids to try.  Tried it out myself and it is very, very good!

Making Smoothie

Very simple to make.


1 handful of baby spinach
1 whole pear (skin on)
1 whole banana
5 red grapes
About a tablespoon of chopped fresh ginger
2 Basil leaves
1/2 cup coconut milk
1/2 cup orange juice

Of course, with something like this, you can get very creative and add all sorts of ingredients.

My kids and their friends would never drink a smoothie knowing it contained spinach, so I made it and kept the main ingredient a secret. We filmed a short video of our experience. They loved it then had quite an amusing reaction once they learned what was in it. View our video!

Have a look at their reaction after their first taste!

Taste testers

The final product. Enjoy!

Be sure and check out for more recipes and videos. Also, Produce For Kids is an excellent organization that promotes healthy eating for families and raises funds for children’s non-profit organizations! PFK sponsored our groceries for use in the video.

The Spinach Smoothie Finished Product

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