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We borrowed this recipe from our friends at Produce For Kids.  PFK encourages healthy eating among families by providing simple, healthy meal solutions for parents, while raising funds for local children's non-profit organizations.

We liked their pineapple pork kebob recipe so much, we decided to cook it up!  Simple to prepare, lean and tasty, this dish will make you smile.

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It's time to get your grill on! Whether it's charcoal, mesquite or gas, grilling is easy and fun for the whole family.  Cooking with leaner cuts is healthy and has many nutritional benefits. Also less clean-up in the kitchen so get outside and get your grill on. 

The Texas Beef Council has a wealth of information regarding the benefits of cooking nutrient-rich lean beef and some great tips from the experts for cooking an excellent steak.

The Healthy Beef Cookbook, a joint publication by the American Cattleman's Association, American Dietetic Association, Chef Richard Chamberlain & Betsy Hornick, M.S., R.D. is a great cookbook with hundreds of great lean beef recipes. Available on

For a quick and easy steak prep and seasoning see our simple recipe below.  

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Here's a great summer smoothie recipe. Certainly very simple to make and the key ingredient....Spinach!

Everyone will like this smoothie. Be sure and watch our video we made in partnership with Produce For Kids. PFK encourages healthy eating among families by providing simple, healthy meal solutions and resources for parents, while raising finds for children's non-profit organizations.

Try it out!

Recipe compliments of Carrie K. Green.  Thanks Carrie! 

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Compliments of Silver & Black Give Back (formerly the Spurs Foundation) this recipe is said to be the "Favorite recipe" of the San Antonio Spurs basketball team.  Give it a try.  It's tasty.  
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Katherine’s Famous Healthy Turkey Chili

Compliments of Katherine Crosswell Butler



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Veal prepared in any manner is always great!  We asked chef Luca Della Casa to help us with a typical Italian dish. This one's common in Luca's hometown near Turin, Italy but not well known in the USA. 

Easy to make and plenty of fun to do with kids, Veal Milanese in Carpione is an Italian comfort dish...essentially breaded veal, lightly pan fried then placed in a pickling mix for about 12 hours. Serve chilled. Lasts for days in the refrigerator and tastes better the longer it sits in the pickling sauce. 


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The squash that looks like a question mark. Tastes great when its homegrown.

According to The Nibble magazine, the term "Squash" comes from the native American word "askutasquash" which means "a green thing eaten raw."

For this webisode we picked the squash right out of a garden and cooked them up. Awesome. 

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Our version of a classic dish.  Hard to beat.  If you want, use light cream to reduce the calories.  The vodka will enhance the flavor of the tomato sauce as the alcohol evaporates while cooking.  Try this!

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Fried collard greens AKA Crunchy seaweed.

Inspired by Mr. Chow's popular appetizer "Gambei with goodies." The original recipe is a well-kept secret but what I do know is it's fried collared greens with salt and sugar. Very tasty. Done our best to copy it here. Thankyou Mr. Chow.

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A flaming touch to a traditional dish. The seared rosemary gives it incredible flavor. And your kitchen will have an incredibly satisfying aroma.
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A tasty chicken dish cooked up with Austin, Texas music legend Jon Dee Graham.
The three-time inductee into the Texas Music Hall of also a great cook.

Check out Jon Dee's music at

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Charcoal Grilled Quail

These birds are tasty and fun to cook. 
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Jay's Flaming Redfish

An excellent & tasty fish recipe. 
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One of the recipes used on the Cocina Outdoors Grilling System.  Pork stir fry can be lean and tasty. Below is our version of an excellent pork stir fry recipe cooked on our new disc...or you can use a skillet or wok.
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The great folks at H-E-B were nice to let us bring a camera into one of their excellent stores and shoot some video.
We like the H-E-B Hill Country Fare seasoned beef fajitas. They taste great and with no prepping required. Add one of the varieties of Fresher Lasting Salsas, some corn tortillas and you have yourself a quick, easy, affordable nutritious meal!

We also got help from an H-E-B Registered Dietician and found a great dessert recipe, Black Rasberry Sherbert. 
The Berry Sorbet with Chocolate is also quite tasty.  Try them both.

You can explore more great recipes for entrees and desserts on

The Black Rasberry Sherbert recipe is below.  Total shopping time was 15 minutes, then 15 minutes cooking at home. Total bill was about twenty bucks...for 6 people and we had leftovers for the next day. 

The Lifeproof Iphone case with bar attachment is a great shopping and cooking tool. The bar attachment easily connects to a shopping cart so you can look up recipes while you're grocery shopping....and when prepping at home, the waterproof case protects your Iphone when you spill stuff on it and you can drop it in the sink or on the floor without any fear of breaking your Iphone or Ipad.

More information on the Lifeproof case is at

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Who doesn't like a good hot dog? On this video we begin our "Ask The Expert" series.  We prefer 100% all beef hot dogs. Hebrew National is our favorite. More info to follow.
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